We offer you targeted matchmaking in order to find suitable cooperation partners from NRW for specific projects.

Our matchmaking services are tailored to your specific needs and requirements. An important prerequisite for using our matchmaking services is that you are looking for cooperation partners for a specific project. For the general search for contacts and networking along the value chain, we cordially invite you to our events, lighthouses and exchange formats.

What does matchmaking mean?

Matchmaking means that we support you in finding the cooperation partners you need to carry out specific projects or plans and in bringing them into contact with you. The cooperation is then structured bilaterally and without the involvement of the cluster.

Who can take advantage of our offers?

Our matchmaking offers are aimed both at stakeholders:

  • from NRW
    We support player from NRW in their search for cooperation partners in NRW and in our worldwide networks.
  • from Germany, Europe and the world
    We support players from outside NRW in their search for cooperation partners in NRW.

Our matchmaking is free of charge for you at any time!

How does matchmaking work?

Our matchmaking is entirely based on your needs and follows a simple process:

  1. Request to the office of the cluster
    You send your request to us. The best way is by e-mail. Ideally, you should briefly describe your planned project and the expertise you are looking for in the e-mail. We will then make an appointment with you for a video conference. Usually, the first appointment can take place within 1-2 weeks after the request.
  2. Initial meeting for the presentation of the project
    In an initial meeting (usually by video conference), you will briefly introduce yourself and your project. It is best not to focus too much on specific details, but rather to give us an overview of your planned work and define for yourself what expertise the cooperation partners you are looking for should bring to the table.
  3. Providing a one-pager
    During the initial meeting, we will ask you to create a “one-pager”. As the name suggests, this should contain the most important information about the project on one page and at the same time describe what kind of cooperation partners you are looking for. In addition, we need your contact details, which we can pass on in case of a successful matchmaking.
  4. Request from Medizin.NRW to possible partners and networks
    After receiving your one-pager and contact details, we start contacting possible cooperation partners. We only share information that you have released and made available to us in advance, as well as publicly available information.
  5. Contact brokerage
    We put you in touch with all positive feedback so that you can then talk directly to potential partners.
  6. Info to Medizin.NRW
    We would be very pleased if you would inform us about successful placements. We are also happy to present successful projects as part of our reporting.

Are you looking for cooperation partners for research projects, technology transfer or clinical studies?

As Cluster Medizin.NRW, we support players:

  • from NRW in the search for cooperation partners in NRW and with our worldwide network.
  • from Germany or abroad in the search for cooperation partners in NRW.

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