Gendermedizin.NRW – The role of sex and gender in medicine

Der Leuchtturm Gendermedizin.NRW beschäftigt sich mit der Berücksichtigung von Geschlechts- und Genderaspekten in der medizinischen Forschung sowie in der Vorsorge, Diagnose, Therapie und Nachsorge.

Gender medicine, or gender-specific or gender-sensitive medicine, is dedicated to the research, development and implementation of innovations that address gender and gender-specific differences in medical diagnostics, prognostics, prevention, care and aftercare. The following topics, among others, are of particular importance to the lighthouse:

  • The consideration of gender-specific aspects when collecting data in research. This applies to clinical studies, for example, but also to basic research.
  • The inclusion of gender-specific differences in the development of pharmaceuticals and medical products. This concerns, for example, the development of gender-specific therapeutics, but also the consideration of gender-specific differences in side effects.

The Gendermedizin.NRW lighthouse was created to support networking in this key future field and to bring together the already excellent players in many areas in NRW in a powerful state-wide network.

Participants in the steering group of the Gendermedizin.NRW lighthouse(17.04.2023 in Düsseldorf)
v. l. n. r.: Dr. Julian Luetkens (Universitätsklinikum Bonn), Prof. Dr. Sabine Oertelt-Prigione (Universität Bielefeld), Dr. Katja Kuhlmann (Medizin.NRW), Prof. Dr. Burkhard Sievers (Sana-Klinikum Remscheid), Prof. Dr. Anke Hinney (Universität Duisburg-Essen), Dr. Joris Deelen (MPI Neurobiologie des Alterns, Köln), Dr. Anke Diehl (Universitätsmedizin Essen), Prof. Dr. Bettina Pfleiderer (Universität Münster), Prof. Dr. Alexander Quaas (Universitätsklinikum Köln), Prof. Dr. Elke Kalbe (Universitätsklinikum Köln), Dr. Patrick Guidato (Medizin.NRW), Prof. Dr. Achim Mortsiefer (Universität Witten/Herdecke).

What is the Gendermedizin.NRW lighthouse?

The Gendermedizin.NRW Lighthouse brings together experts from various disciplines and organizations (companies, research institutes, university hospitals, universities, networks). The lighthouse thus forms

  • a common umbrella for strategic topics,
  • the starting point for position papers and white papers,
  • the framework for joint events and
  • the basis for joint projects.

We also operate lighthouses on other cross-sectional topics of innovative medicine. You can find out which lighthouses exist and which topics they cover on our lighthouse overview page.

The lighthouse will be dedicated to various topics of biohybrid medicine. Central questions, which are in the focus of the lighthouse, will be identified and prioritized by the participants. If you have suggestions for topics or would like to contribute, you are cordially invited to do so. Simply send us an e-mail.

The Gendermedizin.NRW Lighthouse

Are you looking for cooperation partners for research projects, technology transfer or clinical studies?

As Cluster Medizin.NRW, we support players:

  • from NRW in the search for cooperation partners in NRW and with our worldwide network.
  • from Germany or abroad in the search for cooperation partners in NRW.

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