Digitale.Medizin.NRW – Digital medicine in NRW

The lighthouse on digital medicine is the central platform for networking and exchange on the topics of digitalization in medicine in NRW.

Digital medicine is a central cross-cutting topic of our time and includes, among other things

Die digitale Medizin kann Antworten auf Zukunftsfragen der medizinischen Forschung und Versorgung liefern.
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  • the processes of digitization of the healthcare system,
  • the research and development of new digital screening, diagnosis and treatment options such as DiGA, and
  • the use of digital tools and methods to answer medical research questions.

At the same time, digital medicine is a central building block – and in some cases a prerequisite – for personalization in the healthcare system. New possibilities for interoperable data exchange and the availability of immense amounts of data open up great potential, especially for clinical research.

The digitization of hospitals and the use of algorithms and AI in processing the resulting data are opening up entirely new perspectives for clinical research and clinical trials. Conversely, new, smart health technologies are providing constantly growing opportunities for generating new data sets and types of data, also for clinical studies. The Digital.Medicine.NRW lighthouse was established to address these and other topics in a strong network of players from NRW.

What is the Digitale.Medizin.NRW Lighthouse?

The Digital.Medicine.NRW Lighthouse brings together experts from various disciplines and organizations (companies, research institutes, university hospitals, universities, networks). The lighthouse thus forms

  • a common umbrella for strategic topics,
  • the starting point for position papers and white papers,
  • the framework for joint events and
  • the basis for joint projects.

Topics within the lighthouse

  • Translation of digital technologies
  • Big Data in medical research
  • Research & Digital Medicine in the Outpatient Sector
  • Digital Medicine and Sustainability
  • Ethical, Legal and Social Aspects (ELSA) of Digital Medicine

The topics of the lighthouse will be identified and prioritized by the participants. If you have suggestions for topics or would like to contribute, you are cordially invited to do so. Simply send us an e-mail.

Would you like to stay informed about the activities of the Lighthouse and be invited to future events? Simply write us a short e-mail. Also feel free to let us know which topics you are interested in or which you would like to contribute.

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