Alternsmedizin.NRW – Aging medicine in NRW

The Lighthouse Alternsmedizin.NRW is dedicated to the central demographic challenge of health in the course of life and in old age.

Aging medicine is an interdisciplinary field that addresses a central challenge of demographic change: an increasingly aging society. The goal of aging medicine is to:

Der Leuchtturm Alternsmedizin.NRW
Der Leuchtturm Alternsmedizin.NRW
  • the development of strategies for healthy aging,
  • early risk prediction, prevention and diagnosis of age-related diseases, and
  • the improved treatment and monitoring of diseases of old age and aging.

The field of aging medicine is highly interdisciplinary and consists of a variety of disciplines in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, life sciences, social sciences and, due to increasing digitalization, information and engineering sciences. In order to support networking in this central field of the future and to bring together the actors who are already excellent in many areas in NRW in a powerful state-wide network, the Lighthouse Alternsmedizin.NRW was established.

What is the Lighthouse Alternsmedizin.NRW?

The Lighthouse Aging Medicine.NRW brings together experts from various disciplines and organizations (companies, research institutes, university hospitals, universities, networks). Thus the lighthouse forms

  • a common umbrella for strategic topics,
  • the starting point for position papers and white papers,
  • the framework for joint events and
  • the basis for joint projects.

Topics of the Lighthouse

The lighthouse will be dedicated to various topics of aging medicine. Central questions, which are in the focus of the lighthouse, will be identified and prioritized by the participants. If you have suggestions for topics or would like to contribute, you are cordially invited to do so. Just send us an e-mail.

Would you like to be kept up to date on the activities of the Lighthouse and be invited to future events? Simply write us a short e-mail. Also feel free to let us know what topics you are interested in or would like to contribute.

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