Strategy „Medicine in NRW“

Strategy „Medicine in NRW“

The vision of the Cluster Medizin.NRW is for North Rhine-Westphalia to take a leading role in innovative medicine. In order to realize this vision, the Medizin.NRW cluster is developing a strategy for innovative medicine in NRW together with experts from various groups of players in the innovation system of medicine in an open-ended strategy process. This will be set out in a strategy paper. In addition, content for the future orientation of the cluster work will be developed. This is intended to further develop health research and the health economy in NRW and to maintain and expand the associated offers, services and products – and the resulting value creation.

Zu den Themenfeldern des Strategieprozesses identifizierten die beteiligten Expertinnen und Experten verschiedene CThe experts involved identified various opportunities, challenges and measures for the thematic areas of the strategy process. The recommendations as a result of the strategy process are addressed to:

  • the players in the thematic fields,
  • the Cluster Medizin.NRW and
  • the state policy.

The strategy is only avaliable in German. Download here (PDF).

Download Strategy „Medicine in NRW“ in German.

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